What Does The Flippening Mean for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has had an interesting and sometimes odd history in its relatively short existence. The market may very well be about to reach an impressive milestone that could entirely alter the way people view cryptocurrency. It has been called the Flippening by those who watch this market, which is currently just hypothetical.

The Flippening refers to the point when BitCoin could be replaced as the top blockchain by a competitor. This is not a far-fetched idea, and many feel it could happen soon. It even spawned a website called Flippening Watch so people can observe what’s happening.


Understanding the Change

BitCoin was the originator of this type of system, and many thought that it would remain the most popular and used for just that reason. It had garnered more than 90% of the cryptocurrency market share at one point. However, these changes could mean more diversity in this market soon thanks to the new alternative cryptocurrencies available.

What could the change mean? Many feel the change in power is all but inevitable. One of the big “contenders for the crown” is Ethereum and their ether token. This year, it has already grown by about 3,000%, and it is still increasing. This is impressive, and it has put ether token on track to close in on BitCoin .

In addition to the growth from the Ethereum Network, BitCoin itself has been slipping as of late due to a range of issues. These include issues with scaling, which has impaired the use of BitCoin for many exchange purposes. In addition, BitCoin is only cable to include up to 1MB of transaction dates, limiting the number of exchanges it offers. There is still no workable solution for that issue.

While ether tokens might be the next big thing and they could replace BitCoin , it is important to watch for other contenders and to keep abreast of all the changes happening in this quickly evolving market.

To see the current market cap and statistics of BitCoin and Ethereum, check out https://www.flippening.watch

Video Predicting the Flippening